My Vision:

It is clear that industrial civilization is eating the planet and must collapse. The sooner the better, Wise beings would be making contingency plans, and not expecting government, corporations, western science, the markets, or technology to save them.


It is time to do it for ourselves, locally, small scale, and home made.

Welcome to my world, I think both Rube Goldberg and  Tom Edison would approve.



It is true, I am a freakishly old little kid, In my long childhood I have had the priviledge to play with fire, metal, water, and wood, a lot. Not forgetting duct tape, wire, string, cardboard, screws,nails, rivets, and nuts and bolts. Magnets.. A dear friend insists that I am an artist in these mediums. Very well.

As of late, I am also become fond of tinkering with other mediums, some not in the physical world but expressed perhaps in the forms and structures in which which we engage and interact with each other, the processes by which humans cooperate or fight. Process, with a capital "P".

Bird's Ger Shop web site  is intended to provide inspiration and help for activist and community centric groups to acquire various DIY stategies and technologies suitable for local subsistance efforts during times of natural or political upheaval.

Mission Statement

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